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Trauma Recovery Projects

Centre for Applied Research in Education

Trauma Recovery Projects – summary of progress (2009-2013)

CARE has been developing a long standing relationship with the University of Dundee and the Children and War Foundation to capacity build trauma recovery skills for professionals in the West Bank and Gaza. The main aim of training for school counsellors has been to deliver evidence-based trauma recovery programmes to children across Palestine. In partnership with the Ministry of Education, a social policy programme involving a rolling programme of trauma recovery training is on-going across the West bank and Gaza.By the end of the rolling programme of training and programme delivery in Palestine more than 1 million children will have benefitted from this initiative.

The next training in the Teaching Recovery Techniques Training for school counsellors is in October 2013 and is planned to be held in Hebron. This ensures counsellors trained in the Children and War’s ‘Teaching Recovery Techniques’ (TRT) programme is available across the West Bank. Research is also on-going with the third phase of the TRT programme evaluation due to start in October 2013.

The trauma recovery project has had three main strands to date –

1. The training of school counsellors and the delivery of the Healing Trauma Combating Hatred programme for children in Gaza
2. The training of school counsellors and the delivery of the  Teaching Recovery  Techniques programme in the West Bank
3. The training and delivery of the listening skills for crisis intervention programme in Nablus.

As a core part of this project CARE has been translated the following materials into Arabic
- Teaching Recovery Techniques manual, children’s workbooks and training materials
- The Listening Skills for Crisis intervention programme training manual
- A battery of trauma recovery measures including the Impact of events scale for children, the Depression rating scale for children, the Traumatic grief rating scale for children, the impact on school performance scale and the adolescent dissociative experiences scale for children.

Achievements to date
In Gaza over 900 school counsellors have been trained and over 5000 children have experienced the Healing Trauma Combating
hatred programme. Evaluation has shown children are positive about the programme and experience substantial reductions in post-traumatic stress symptoms.

In the West Bank, over 300 school counsellors have been trained in the Teaching Recovery Techniques programme and 20 school counsellors in Nablus were training in the listening skills for crisis intervention. As these are trainer of trainers – all counsellors are now able to deliver training in these programmes to other counsellors in their area. Counsellors have received supervision support to enable them to do so.Nearly 1000 children have experienced the TRT programme.

Evaluation of the TRT programme indicates that for children in the West bank the rates ofpost-traumatic stress disorder is down by 25%, depression is down by 50%; traumatic grief, down by 30% and other mental health concerns are down by 25%. In addition children’s motivation and concentration in school has significantly increased, with gains as much as 20% gains.

Current research projects include:
1. Evaluation of supervision in school counsellor delivery of the Teaching Recovery Techniques programme in Palestine
2. An assessment of the extent of dissociation in children in the West Bank (2012-13) and
3. Teachers, parents and school principals’ perceptions of trauma-informed lens seminars in Palestinian schools (2013)
4. Evaluation of summer camps in the West Bank (2012-13)

The Children and War Foundation £24,500 for an evaluation of the effectiveness of the TRT programme across the West Bank, occupied Palestinian territories (2008-2013).
One to One Children’s Fund £2500 for an exploratory evaluation of young people’s perceptions of trauma recovery programmes in Gaza (2008-2009)
Private donations totalling £4000 for trauma recovery training (2009-12)
CARE investment in trauma recovery over the past 5 years £20,000.
The research has also led to other funding for CARE through supporting other trauma recovery projects (£100,000). In addition the partnership between CARE, the University of Dundee and the Children and War Foundation has led to international developments beyond Palestine. The Scottish Government following the TRT evaluation has committed over £200,000 for abused and neglected children totalling over £200,000
Publications and conference presentations
As a result of the research supporting the development of trauma recovery training and programme delivery CARE now has a series of high impact international journal publications:
Refereed journal papers.In addition the project has submitted an impact case study to the University of Dundee.

Abdallah, G. and Barron, I. (2013).Invited Lecture. Traumatised Children in Occupied
Palestinian territories.Psychology of Trauma: Women and Children in Violent Conflicts.
JamiaMilliaIslamia University, New Delhi.

Barron, I. and Abdullah, G. (2012).Evaluation of the efficacy of a group-based trauma recovery
program in Gaza: Students’ subjective experience. Journal of Trauma and Loss:
International Perspectives on Stress and Coping, 17(2), 187-199.
Barron, I., Abdullah, G. and Smith, P. (2012). Randomised control trial of a CBT recovery
program in Palestinian schools. Journal of Loss and Trauma: International Perspectives
on Stress and Coping,18(4), 306-321.
Barron, I. and Abdallah, G. and Jindal-Snape, D. (forthcoming). Complicated Grief in Palestinian
Children.Death Studies.
Barron, I. and Abdallah, G. (forthcoming). Intergenerational trauma in the occupied Palestinian
territories. Journal of Child and Adolescent Trauma.
Barron, I. and Abdallah (forthcoming).Inter-professional Ethics across Cultures: Trauma
Recovery Program Implementation.Journal of Aggression, Abuse and Trauma.

Director CARE

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